“Extending your business reach by bringing the world closer to you”


Provizona creates new international sales channels, supply chains and enhances existing ones by using its expertise in global trade to design customized export programs.

Each global trade project is unique and our strength is to listen to the needs of all the participants in order to create solutions that increase international sales and provide reliable and efficient supply chains while reducing risk to the benefit of all.


Our Seller Solutions

  • Extend your sales reach by developing new sales channels in selected export markets

    We seek out opportunities for your products in the markets we are active in
  • Reduce your cost of sales by closing export sales of your products using our direct sales force and indirect channels.

    We are compensated solely by successfully executing international transactions
  • Reduce your risk by prepaying you for the goods we purchase for export

    We take on the export risk for you
  • Make your products more competitive by offering finance to the foreign buyers of your products

    Our financing plans allow the foreign buyer to resell or use your products on a cost benefit model

Our Foreign Buyer Solutions

  • Give you competitive advantage by reducing your cost of purchase

    We buy directly from producers and master distributors at special prepaid export prices, then import to your market and re-sell directly to you
  • Extend your local sales capacity by reducing your working capital requirements

    We offer extended payment terms on products we supply that provide you with enough time to obtain revenues through their re-sale before purchase payments are due
  • Increase your inventory available for resale

    We enable you to buy and stock larger quantities through our extended payment terms. Larger purchase quantities per cycle also tend to reduce cost
  • Allow you to purchase and use machinery and equipment on a cost benefit model

    We offer low cost mid-term capital goods financing plans

Our International Supply Chain Financing Solutions

    Give you the flexibility you need by providing trade and capital goods finance where and when it's most needed during the many facets of an export transaction...







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